Your taxes and investments should be working together.

Both are important and it definitely makes financial sense to have them working together.  Your investments have an impact on your taxes but can also help to improve your overall tax life when utilizing smart financial planning strategies. With our TaxVest© services your taxes and investments are working together, which can greatly improve your financial situation and make your financial life easier to manage.

  • Personal account manager

  • Review of current Investment and Retirement Accounts

    • Retirement Accounts

      • IRA, ROTH IRA

      • SEP IRA, 401(k), 403(b)

    • Investment Accounts

      • ​Trust, Individual and Joint accounts

      • College Planning (529)

      • Cash Management

      • Business Investment accounts.

  • Financial and Retirement Planning

  • ​A free no-obligation discussion about your personal investments and business investment needs​

On-Site Tax Preparation and Financial/Retirement Planning for Employees

Investment and Financial Planning

Accountants and Advisors, LLC

We also offer dedicated times and days at your companies' location to provide reduced cost tax preparation, financial/retirement planning and retirement plan consulting for your business and valued employees.  Please contact us for more information.  

From a recent employee survey of *Most Wanted Employee Benefits, reduced cost on-site tax preparation and financial planning was listed as the 4th most wanted, only behind higher compensation (1), more vacation/sick time (2) and improved healthcare coverage and reduced healthcare costs (3).

*Employee benefit survey 2015 - "Most Wanted Employee Benefits That Would Actually Make You Change Jobs." 

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  • Personal account manager

  • Personal and Business Tax Return Preparation and Filing

  • Married Filing Joint vs. Married Filing Separate Comparison

  • Tax planning and advisement

  • Investment and Capital Gain/Loss strategies utilized to minimize taxes

  • Income and Dividend projections

  • Exhaustive Deduction Finder

  • Exhaustive Error Check

  • ​Fixed accounting fees - agreed in advance and not dependent upon income level

  • We are a registered IRS E-Filer company

  • ​​A free no-obligation discussion about your business requirements

TaxVest© Services 

Personal and Business Tax Preparation