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Note:  We are not attorneys but our method of preparation for your concerns can help to save hours of attorney fees and costs.  Organization and understanding how your assets and income are treated can save you thousands of dollars down the road and in many cases for many years to come.  Get organized and present your best position before it becomes mandated to you by the courts and cannot be changed.

Child Custody and Child Support Concerns

Spousal and child support

We can work with your attorney

Organization of your finances

Tax law and financial issues concerning child support

Asset evaluation and income verification concerns

Client organization files

Daunting, confusing, infuriating... the list goes on about what you might feel or have been subject to during a struggle and a very challenging time.  Below is information about how we work with individuals,  moms and dads, husbands and wives, to prepare your information in hopes of giving you the best presentation possible of your personal situation.

It's always worth the time to prepare properly for your best outcome. 

Getting prepared means getting organized.

Getting it all together

Congratulations on reaching this page.  Because you are here you have been referred by an attorney or you are looking for help to get organized, adhere to court mandates for documentation or are preparing for negotiations to set the tone and obligations for the future.

We're glad you're here and we can help. 

Note:  We typically work with only a mom or dad or a husband or a wife.  All information is confidential unless requested by a judge or court order.  We do however work with couples that are in the process of an amenable separation or divorce.

Divorce Concerns

Personal vs. marital property
Valuing and dividing property
Retirement assets and pensions
Spousal and child support
Splitting the house
Tax problems and solutions
Expert witness testimony
Tax law and financial issues affecting divorce

Asset evaluation

Pension and QDRO evaluation

Income projections

Retirement account concerns

Income Tax Filing

Client organization files